Finals Week Made Easier


Allison Smith, Features Editor

The busy time for finals is approaching at Allen Community College. While this may be a stressful time for students, here are some ways to prepare and make sure the week is successful.

Get Sleep

 Making sure to get plenty of rest during and before finals is crucial. While it may seem like pulling an “all-nighter” is the best thing to do, it definitely is not the healthiest thing for your body and mind.

According to ( students who cram and stay up all night are more prone to have difficulty concentrating on making decisions, while also having delayed reaction times. A lack of sleep can also worsen memory.

It is recommended to make time for sleep; try to get on a regular sleep schedule. Also, limit time on the phone.


Definitely make time to study and plan out the week before finals start. Planning out when  finals are, and what needs to be studied is important.

Do not procrastinate studying for class and cramming the night or hour before final starts.

Instead of starting late, make set times in a personal schedule for studying and make sure to take breaks after hours of studying.

Study Tips and Tricks

Students should always make sure to study for their exams. If an instructor hands out a study guide or a review guide, make sure to actually do it. If an instructor doesn’t hand out an outline for the test, create one on the most important topics covered over the semester.

Also, if an instructor offers a review session before the final make sure to attend and ask questions.

Taking one’s own style of notes and creating flashcards is also a good method of studying material for exams.