Bible Study Encourages Students


Kara and Tony Godfrey

Adesuwa Osagiede, Health Editor

Being a college student isn’t easy. There are times where one will only get three or four hours of sleep and when a student will go to sleep hungry because he or she has nothing to eat. And if the student is away from home, there are times when homesickness and loneliness occurs. This is why it’s important to join organizations and clubs; they can help as stress relievers. Getting out of one’s comfort zone and exploring different things to do will help the college years flow by. College isn’t supposed to be easy, but getting involved and networking can benefit students in the end.

While on-campus activities are limited, there are a few churches that have different activities throughout the year and there are quite a few community service activities available. Some students have been going to Hope Baptist Church every Wednesday for lunch and Bible study. Tony and Kara Godfrey (the first family) unknowingly have made an impact on many students that will last a lifetime.

When asked what motivated him to go into ministry, Tony Godfrey said, “Doing discipleship encouraged me. It was God’s calling and I enjoy it.”

Often times, the role of a pastor and his wife is obvious and simple, but, he noted, “A lot more goes into being a pastor then you’d think. It is a 24-hour job of meeting people’s needs. You can’t put a timeframe on it; it’s your life. That’s why you have disciples that come help with the load.”

Becoming a pastor has changed Godfrey. “God has given me the best woman on the planet,” he said of wife Kara. “I need her for this ministry; she keeps me balanced and helps me test my limits.”

Lastly, Godfrey said Bible study can help college students cope with school and life pressures. “I would encourage people to come out to Bible study so they can encourage each other,” he said. “It’s a home away from home for a lot of these kids; they get to know other people.”

Adesuwa Osagiede
Students from Allen Community College gather Wednesdays at Harvest Baptist Church for lunch and Bible study.