Talent Show Brings Out the Best in Allen Students


Photo provided by Mackenzie Anstaett

Shown above is Ethan Ramos, the talent show winner.

Sondra Owings-Priest, Student Reporter

Allen Community College was flooded with talent last Friday night, October 21st, as the Red Devil Spirit Program hosted a talent show. There was no entry fee to sign up and the prize for 1st place was a $50 cash prize. Sophomore Ethan Ramos, was determined to be the talent show winner this year with his powerful performance of singing and playing guitar.

The talent show was held in the late evening in the Iola campus theater building, after most other daily activities were coming to an end. The event lasted around 2 hours, with acts including, singing, dancing, and even a comedy act.

The winner, Ramos, started the night off by being the first act and then, later in the night, he requested to perform again, this time with an original song he wrote himself. Ramos was happy to share his thoughts on his musical talent,

“I’ve been writing my own songs since junior high, but I really grew a passion for it in high school”, said Ramos.

According to Ramos, the original song was written about his experiences in Texas, where he grew up, and everything he misses about his hometown. Ramos said he was driving one evening and got an awesome view of his first Kansas sunset, which reminded him so much of Texas that it sparked the idea to express his feelings in a song.

The crowd was very interactive with Ramos’ performance and turned their phone flashlights on, waving them back and forth, as if it was an actual concert. Overall, the talent show was a great turnout and many unique acts were brought to the stage, making the night one to remember.