Sound Health, Activity Practices Fight Homesickness

Rachael Kothe, Opinion Editor

The students at Allen Community College are from all over the United States and abroad, and may not have a way to get home every weekend, or all year. The best way to avoid missing home is by calling your parents or friends from home, finding ways to relieve stress and focusing on school work.

Reasons why people can’t go home could possibly be that they don’t have a vehicle to get home.  They live out of the country or state. Lack of money to pay for gas is another possible reason.

To elude homesickness call home. Calling your friends and family from back home can eliminate anxiety and worry.  It’s okay to think about home occasionally; don’t forget who you are.

“I talk to my mom every day. I just try to preoccupy myself I guess.” Jessica Simental, Rantoul freshman, said.

Find ways to relieve stress. School activities such as sports and clubs may distract you from the time and will be fun.

Talk to someone at the school about it, such as a counselor or advisor, for they can help you in ways you probably didn’t think about.

Aubrie Arevalo, also a freshman from Allen, Kansas, said, “Listening to music reminds me of my family.”

Focus on school. Avoid drugs and alcohol as it may take away from school. Eat nutritionally so you can be healthy. Go for a walk or jog to clear your head. Soothe yourself with meditation and breathing exercises.

There are resources here to help students with classes. As there is free tutoring available in the library, take advantage. Ask your professors for their office hours to meet with them during non-class time.

Network and make friends; you never know if you’ll get to know someone who could help you later.

Some online resources to combat symptoms of homesickness include:, or