Upcoming Play, ‘Young Frankenstein,’ Relies on Crew’s Effort

Musical is at the Bowlus Center Oct. 10-12


Quinton Weld

Crew member Gabriel Rose works the light board for “Young Frankenstein.”

Quinton Weld, Sports Editor

The Allen Theater and Music Departments are performing the musical “Young Frankenstein” this Thursday through Saturday, Oct. 10-12, at 7:30 p.m. at the Bowlus Fine Arts Center in Iola. With the upcoming musical it gives the audience the opportunity to give recognition to the unseen heroes of the theater, the crew.

The crew members are the ones that make sure the show happen. They are in control of the lighting, sound, sets and cues.

“Without us there would be no show,” lighting director Gabriel Rose said. “It is hard work,” adding the work that these students put in behind the scenes allow for a smooth and entertaining show.

The crew is very important for the audience as well. Without a good crew the whole experience of the play would shift for the audience.

When talking about the importance of the crew creating the show’s atmosphere, Theater Director Tony Piazza said, “A lot of people don’t realize how important that is to create the illusion.”

Having quality crew members is essential. When talking about what he looks for in potential behind-the-scenes contributors, Piazza said, “The best ones are the smartest ones.” He also expresses being dependable and being able to concentrate as playing a large role in a crew members’ success.

Be sure to head to the Bowlus Center Thursday, Friday or Saturday to see the musical and all the hard work the crew has done to create an outstanding show.