Allen Adds Two New Coaches to Baseball Team


Quinton Weld

Pitching Coach Drew Noble hits ground balls to infielders.

Quinton Weld, Sports Editor

Over the summer the Allen Community College baseball program added two new coaches to its staff, Chris Mileham and Drew Noble. Mileham will be filling the role as the recruiting coordinator while Noble will be the pitching coach.

Both coaches are optimistic about the upcoming season and are ready to get to work.

“I wanted to get back into the college game and become a recruiting coordinator,” said Mileham.

Noble said he came to Allen to, “work for Coach Stoy; kind of use him for a mentor.”

Mileham came from northwest Arkansas, where he was a high school baseball coach. Noble was previously a pitching coach at Blackhawk College before he came to Allen.

While both coaches dedicate many hours of their day to the team, they both still have lives outside of baseball. In his free time Noble enjoys golfing while Mileham enjoys spending as much time as he can with his only daughter.

Both coaches look forward to this upcoming season and see a promising future for the team. While both agree it is too early to give any word on how the team will be, both see pieces coming together that gives the team hope for the upcoming 2020 season.